1. On your Moodle course, click Turn editing on.

2. Click +Add an activity or resource in the section where you want to add the Chat activity.

3. Select External Tool from the assignment options list, and click the Add button.

4. In the General section, type a name in the Activity name field. Select VoiceThread from the Preconfigured tool dropdown menu.

5. Click Show More...

6. Select New Window from the Launch container dropdown menu.

7.  In the Privacy section, define whether or not the VoiceThread should be a graded activity. 

If the VoiceThread is a graded activity, check Accept grades from the tool option. If not, uncheck this option.

8. Configure the Grade section if the VoiceThread is a graded activity. Select Point for the Grade Type and determine the maximum grade (Default is set to 100pts.)

Note: Grade Type must be set to Point. The scale type will not work with VoiceThread assignments.

9. Click Save and return to course.

Next Step

Once VoiceThread has been added to your Moodle course, add a media to the VoiceThread