What is a User Override?

Instructors can change a quiz setting for a particular user using Moodle’s User Overrides function. 

The User Override allows instructors to:

  • Extend the time limit for a quiz
  • Change the date and time to access a quiz
  • Add more attempts for a quiz
  • Set a password to a quiz
  • Set a time limit for a quiz

Before Adding User Overrides, Confirm the Quiz is not in Group mode.

1. Go to Edit Settings for the Quiz.

2. Locate and click on the Common Module Settings heading.

3. Select No Groups from the Group Mode dropdown menu.

Video Instructions to add User Overrides

Step-by-Step Written Instructions to add User Overrides

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Click the link to the quiz you want to add user override.
  3. In the Administration block, under Quiz administration, click User overrides.

4. On the resulting page, click Add user override. 

5. Enter the student’s name in the Search box, and then select the student’s name from the list of search result.

6. Modify the settings that apply to the student. The parameters you can adjust are:

  • Require password: set a unique password for just this particular student to enter the quiz.
  • Open the quiz/Close the quiz: specify separate open and close dates that apply only for this particular student.
  • Time limit: set the time duration for this particular student to finish the quiz.
  • Attempts allowed: specify how many attempts this particular student is allowed.

7. Click Save when you are finished, or to repeat this for more students, click Save and enter another override.