To inform ProctorU that an individual student should receive special accommodations during testing, please complete the three steps below.

Step 1: Email ProctorU Support

The instructor should send an email to ProctorU Support at prior to the student's scheduled exam that includes details of the student's approved accommodations. This email should include:

  • First and last name
  • ProctorU email address (This is the email address stored in Moodle for the student.)
  • Accommodation information (ie: extra time, bathroom breaks, permitted use of a screen reader, a person in the room for extra assistance, etc.)
  • The name of the exam(s) that the accommodations will cover
  • If accommodations apply to multiple exams from the same instructor, only one email will be needed stating that the accommodations will cover all of your exams for that particular class.

Step 2: Enter Accommodations into Additional Exam Notes area in ProctorU

When configuring the original exam window, or editing an exam window that was previously created, enter in accommodations for individual students into the field "Additional Exam Notes". 

For example, "Jane Doe- needs 30 extra minutes".

Step 3: Configure Individual Testing Settings in Moodle or 3rd Party Testing Site

You will need to ensure that the actual exam, whether located in Moodle or in a 3rd party testing site, is also set to provide the student with the approved accommodations.

For example, for timed exams, you will need to ensure that the testing site allows a student with a "time and a half" accommodation to have 1.5 hours to complete a 1-hour exam. In Moodle, this can be done using individual "User Overrides" (see embedded video below). For other testing sites, you will need to contact vendor support for their procedures to set up the exam accommodations.

If you have questions about accommodations, please email