Part 1: Log into Panopto

Option 1: Log in through a Moodle course

(for users already using Panopto in a Moodle course)

1. Log into a Moodle course that already contains the Panopto block.

2. Click the Course Settings link within the Panopto block.

3. Move on to Part 2 below.

Option 2: Log directly into the University's Panopto Account

(for users unfamiliar with using Panopto in Moodle)

1. Go to

2. Select Moodle from the drop-down menu.

Sign in to Panopto

3. Click Sign In.

4. Log in using your Moodle/Ulink login credentials.

5. Move on to Part 2 below.

Part 2: Locate your recording
1. Click "My Folder" at the top left of the screen.

My folder

2. Click the Zoom Recordings sub-folder button, if present. (If you don't see a "Zoom Recordings" button, then your Zoom videos will be stored directly in your "My Folder" area.)

Zoom Recordings

3. Locate your Zoom recordings within this folder.

Part 3: Share your recording link

1. Hover over one of your recordings; note the buttons that appear.

2. Click the Share button.

Share button

3. Highlight and copy the share link at the top of the screen.

Share options

4. Confirm that the Who has access field is set to Anyone at your organization with the link if you are sharing the video link in Moodle.

5. (Optional) Change the Who has access setting to Anyone with the link if you want to share the video outside of Moodle.

6. Add the link as a URL activity to your desired Moodle course page.

Video Walkthrough of the Entire Process