Please follow the steps below to create Zoom meetings directly within Moodle using the integrated external tool feature.

  1. Log in to a Moodle course in which you are a Teacher.

  2. Turn editing on by clicking the green Turn editing on button.

  3. Click the Add an activity or resource link at the bottom of any given module.

  4. Select the option for External tool from the list of Activities.

    External tool

  5. Click the Add button.

  6. Give the meeting activity a name.

  7. Select Zoom meeting from the Preconfigured tool drop-down menu.

    Zoom Meeting

  8. Click the Show more... link.

  9. Select New Window from the Launch container drop-down menu.

    New Window

  10. Click the Privacy category to expand the contained options.  Deselect (uncheck) the box next to Accept grades from the tool.

  11. Click the Save and display button at the bottom of the screen. (Note: This will open up a new Zoom tab within your browser window.)

  12. Click the blue Schedule a New Meeting button at the top right of the window.

    Schedule a zoom meeting

  13. Fill out the details for your planned meeting, including name/topic, date and time, duration, and other options.

  14. Click the blue Save button at the bottom after making all desired adjustments.

  15. Review the details of the meeting that you just created.

  16. Close the Zoom meeting tab in your browser to return to your original Moodle course.

Once you have created a meeting, the link to the meeting should now be displayed on your Moodle page. You and your students can click on the link you created to see all upcoming meetings, as well as join the meetings at the appointed time.

Continue to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Video Walkthrough