To Add the Quickmail Block

  1. Turn Editing On.
  2. Click the Add a Block menu.
  3. Select Quickmail from the options list.

To Create a New Email:

  1. In the QuickMail Block, click Compose New Email.
  2. Click the desired recipients individually, or click All Users.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Type a title in the Subject box.
  5. Use the Message text editor to compose your email.
  6. Select the Receive a copy option if you want to be included on the email.
  7. Click the Send Email button.

To Enable Students to Send Quickmail

  1. In the Quickmail Block, click the Configuration link.
  2. Find the option to Allow students to use Quickmail.
  3. Change the menu to Yes.
  4. Save changes.