Aiken format works well for text-based questions. If you intend to use images in your questions, you can create the questions this way and then add in the images after they have been imported into Moodle. Any other editing to include symbols, text-formatting, super or subscripts, etc should also be completed after import.


1. Open the Microsoft Word document containing your multiple-choice questions.

2. Format your questions in the Aiken Format.

a. Question: The question must be all on one line. No numbering should be included (e.g. #1, Question 1, 1., etc)

b. Choices: Each answer choice must start with a capitalized single-letter character, followed by a period '.' then ONE space. 

By default, Microsoft Word may automatically indent and begin making a numbered list. Click on the "lightning bolt icon" that appears next to automatically created lists, and select Stop Automatically Creating Numbered Lists  to avoid formatting errors.

c. Correct Answer: Indicate the correct answer by typing the text "ANSWER" in all-caps, then type a colon ":" followed by ONE space. Directly after the space, enter the letter of the correct choice.

To separate each question, place only one line space between each new question. 

Sample Questions with correct formatting:


  • The answer letters (A,B,C etc.) and the word "ANSWER" must be capitalized as shown otherwise the import will fail.
  • There must be a space in between the lettering and "." and the answer as shown otherwise the import will fail.

3. Save by choosing Save As, select a location for the file to be saved, and then select Plain Text (.txt) and click Save. 

4. In the File Conversion window that opens,  

  • Under Text Encoding, choose Other Encoding 
  • Select UTF-8 in the dropdown menu. 
  • Click OK.