1.  In the Administration Block, locate and click on the words Question Bank.

2. In the main portion of the screen click on the Create a new question... button. 

3. A question menu will then open. Select Multiple Choice and click the add button. (We recommend not using All-or-Nothing Multiple choice unless there is a specific reason).

4. This will open the Settings Page for the Multiple Choice Question. 

5. In the Question Name field, type a descriptive name for this question. Only the instructor can see the question name; students will never see it.

6. In the Question Text field, type the text of the question that you wish students to see. Some helpful hints include:

  • If copying from a document, remember to right-click and select Paste as Plain Text and then format the text as desired.
  • Avoid copying and pasting images; instead, use the Insert Image button at the top of this field and upload the image file. Remember to include alt-text for the image that does not include the correct answer to the question.

7. Leave the Default Mark as 1. The point value of this question will be set when it is added to the Quiz Activity.

8. In the General Feedback field, enter information the students should receive after the quiz/attempt is over, regardless of their performance on this question. Otherwise, leave this blank.

9. Use the One or multiple answers dropdown to decide if students should select one answer or multiple answers for this question.

10. Leave the Shuffle the choices option checked to have each student view the questions choices in a different order.

11. Use Number the choices? dropdown menu to select how Moodle will label each choice for students. Options include letters, numbers, roman numerals, or no numbering. 

12. Under the Answers heading, enter in the text, images, etc. for the first choice in the Choice 1 field. Continue this process, entering in the text/images/ets for the second choice in the Choice 2 field, and so on, until all the choices have been entered.

13. Use the Grade dropdown menu to select 100% for whichever Choice is correct. Leave the Grade for all other Choices as None.

14. Enter Feedback for each choice if desired. The student will see only the feedback for the choice they selected during their quiz. (This can be left blank).

15. Click the blue Save Changes button when done editing this question.