Create the Quiz

1. Click on Turn Editing On in the upper right corner of the Moodle course.

2. Locate the Topic/Module where the Quiz should be located. Click on Add an activity or resource within that topic/module.

3. In the popup menu that opens, select Quiz and then click on the Add button.

Quiz Settings

Heading: General

1. In the Name field,  enter a name for the quiz.

Recommendation: Include the due date and time in the quiz name. This will help two ways:

  • Students instantly know the quiz due date by looking at the name
  • Instructors know which quizzes need the due dates updated when preparing a course for a new semester.

2. Enter any special instructions for students in the Description field.

Heading: Timing

Click on the word Timing to open the timing settings.

1. In the Open the Quiz field, check the Enable checkbox to choose a date and time (in military time) that the quiz will be available. No students will be able to start an attempt until this date and time.

2. In the Close the Quiz field, check the Enable checkbox to choose a date and time (in military time) that the quiz will stop being available

3. In the Time Limit field, check the Enable checkbox to enter a time limit for each attempt.

4. In the When time expires dropdown select "Open attempts are submitted automatically" to force the submission of any attempts that are currently running at the date/time defined in the Close the Quiz field.

Heading: Grade

Click on the word Grade to open the grade settings.

1. If the course Gradebook uses Categories, use the Grade Category dropdown menu to select the desired Category for this grade.

2. In the Attempts Allowed dropdown menu, select how many attempts each student should be given on this Quiz.

  • For formative, low-stakes quizzes consider giving many attempts as students are building skills and knowledge
  • For summative, high-stakes exams consider giving only 1 attempt.
  • The default number of attempts is unlimited.

3. In the Grading Method dropdown menu, select how the grades on multiple attempts should be handled by the Moodle Gradebook. This is not available if students have only 1 attempt. 

Heading: Review Options

Click on the words Review Options to open the review settings.

  • By default, after the quiz is closed, students can see the questions, their answers, all automated feedback, and the correct answer to each question.
  • These default settings are ideal for a quiz with 1 attempt
  • When using multiple attempts, an instructor may choose to check the checkboxes next to any item they wish students to see after each attempt.
  • Check "the attempt" first to enable checking some of the other items.

Heading: Extra Restrictions on Attempts

Click on the words Extra Restrictions on Attempts. 

1. Click on Show More to see the settings.

2. Enter a password in the Require password field if this quiz/exam will be using a Proctoring Service (ProctorU or Examity).

  •  This same password must be used when setting up the proctoring service for this quiz/exam.
  • Do not share this password with students

Heading: Common Module Settings

Click on the words Common Module Settings to open these settings.

In the Group Mode dropdown menu, select No Groups.

Finish and Save

Click on the blue Save and Display button to add questions to this quiz.

For instructions on how to add questions and set the point value for this Quiz, click on the following link: