You can set proportional weights (percentages) for grade items and categories in your gradebook. This will alter the calculations for categories and the final course grade total so that grade items will not simply count for their value based upon the maximum point value set for each item.

Note: for this to work properly your category aggregation method must be set to "Natural," which is not currently our Moodle default setting for the gradebook. 

  1. Click on the "Gradebook Setup" link in your administration block on the left of your course page.

  2. Click the "Edit" link and then click the "Edit Settings" link that appears below it.

  3. Choose the aggregation method "Natural" from the selection menu.

  4. Click the "Save Changes" button.
  5. As you add grade items and categories to your gradebook setup, the initial weight setting will be proportional for all items. In this example all 4 exams have maximum grade values of 100, so being equal they will all be weighted as 25%.

  6. You can customize the weights by clicking the checkbox next to a weight and then entering a new value. The values in the weight column must always total 100, so when you edit the weight of one item and save the changes, Moodle will adjust the other items accordingly. In this example the Final Exam weight was changed to 40, so the other exams were automatically changed to 20 each, keeping the total as 100.

You can set weights for items within a category, as well as for the category total itself. In this example a Final Project category was added. The 4 items within the category have different weights. The project category is weighted as 30% of the course total now, so the exams are reduced to 10% each toward the final grade. 

NOTE: As you add more assignments, manual grade items, and categories to the course, the weights of the other items and categories may change automatically. It is recommended that you set up the entire gradebook and any weights before the start of the course term and check the settings to see that all weights correspond to your syllabus grade statement.