Extra Credit Items are especially tricky in the Moodle gradebook, because their value can vary greatly depending upon where they are placed, what aggregation method is used, and the maximum point setting for the course total.

NOTE: The Extra Credit option is not available when you are creating a new grade item. You must create and save the item and then edit it later to set the Extra Credit option.

If there are no sub-categories in the gradebook setup, the extra credit item's value will be added to the course total and calculated according to the aggregation method of the overall course category.

If an extra credit item is placed within a sub-category in the gradebook setup, its value will be calculated within that category first, depending on the aggregation method for that category. The total of the sub-category will then be used in the calculation of the parent categories, according to their aggregation method.

Some aggregation methods (such as Simple Weighted Mean of Grades) will automatically set the course total to 100, no matter what the sum of all grade items. In that case the extra credit item points will count as extra percentage points (on a 100 point scale).

If you use the aggregation "Natural" method, the course total will automatically adjust to the sum of all credit items. In that case the point of the extra credit items will be added to the sub-category or course total points, which will be divided by the total points possible. For example if the total points possible is 500, then each extra credit point will equal .2 % of a final percentage point.

To add an extra credit item:

  1. Click the "Gradebook Setup" link in your Administration block on the left side of your course page.

  2. Click on the "Add grade item" button.

  3. Type a name for the item.
  4. Set the point value for the item in the Maximum grade box.
  5. If you already have categories created in your gradebook, you can select the correct one to place the item by clicking the "Show more" link and then selecting the category.
  6. Click the "Save Changes" button.

  7. You must then edit the item to select the Extra Credit option. Click the "Edit" link for the item and then click the "Edit Settings" link that appears below it.

  8. Click the check box to turn on the Extra Credit option and then click the "Save Changes" button.

  9. Extra credit items will be noted by a "+" icon symbol. They will also show a weight value equal to their maximum possible contribution toward a final grade. In this case the course maximum total points are 800, so a 10 point extra credit item could possibly add 1.25 percentage points to a final grade, assuming a student earned all possible points.