Viewing All Attempts on a Quiz

1. From within a Moodle course, click on the Quiz item in question.

2. Click on the red words "Attempts" followed by the number of attempts made by the class in total.

3. This will provide a spreadsheet-style view of each student's performance on every question on the quiz. Correct answers are shown with a green check followed by the number of points earned, while incorrect answers are marked with a red X followed by a 0.00.

Viewing and/or Overriding a Question Grade

1. To view a student's response on a specific question, click on the check or X for that question. The student's response along with the correct answer and any feedback will open in a popup window. 

5. To override this automatically graded question, click the words Make Comment or Override Mark in the green block directly below the correct answer block.

6. This will open a second popup window. Comments can be added into the Comment field. Enter the corrected grade into the Mark field.

7. When done, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this second popup and click the blue Save button. This will close all popup windows automatically.

Grading Essay Questions (Manual Grading)

1. When viewing the results of the Attempts in the spreadsheet view, scroll down to the area below the spreadsheet. Locate the Administration block on the bottom left. 

2. Within this Administration Block, scroll down to the Results folder, and click on Manual Grading.

3. Any Essay questions on the quiz will appear in the To Grade Column on the next screen.

4. Click the red word "Grade" to view all students' responses to this essay question as well as grade and feedback blanks in a smooth single scrolling view.

5. By default, Moodle will only show 5 responses per page. To change this, type in the number of responses per page desired in the Questions Per Page field.

6. Provide a Mark and feedback comments for each answer to the Essay question in the Green Textbox areas provided.

7. Then, click on the Save and Go to Next Page button