Setting a Moodle Quiz for Extended Time accommodation

You can modify a Moodle Quiz to allow for extended time or an alternate date for specific students. 

To make this adjustment:

  1. Click on the link for the Moodle Quiz

  2. Click on the link for “User overrides” in the Administration Block on the left of your screen.

  3. Click on the “Add User Override” button.

  4. Find the student’s name and click to select it.

  5. Click the “Enable” box in order to enter the desired time limit.

  6. Other modifications you can do in this view:

    1. Set a unique password.

    2. Set alternate open/close times.

    3. Set an alternate number of attempts.

  7. When you are done, click the “Save” button. 

Note: If you have multiple students with accommodations, you must make each one individually. Also, modifications must be made separately for each quiz.