Making Accessible Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks should be named in a way that tells the user what will be the result of clicking the link. Naming links “click here” or “this link” will not convey that information, especially to someone who is depending on a screen-reading device to convert the screen test to audible speech. 

If your hyperlink appears within a sentence, make the descriptive words the actual link. For example: View this webpage for more information about Making Hyperlinks Accessible.

To create hyperlinks within the Moodle text editor:

  1. Type text into the editor, including the part that you want to use as the hyperlink.

  2. Click and drag over just the text you want for the link to select it.

  3. Click the Hyberlink icon in the tool menu bar.

  4. In the pop-up window, either type or paste the URL for the link.

  5. If the link will direct the user to a website outside of our Moodle, click the “Open in a new window” option.

  6. Click the “Create Link” button.

  7. The hyperlinked text should then appear underlined and with a dark red color text.

  8. When you are done eding the rest of the text, click the “Save” button.