An instructor can issue grades for a Forum post as well as any reply posts by using the Ratings function. In the scenario described below, the instructor wants students to make 1 initial post worth 10 points and 1 reply to another student for 5 points. The total grade for the Forum activity would be 15 points.

To achieve this:

1. Turn Editing on in the course.
2. Go to the Edit Settings menu for the Forum that needs to be graded.

3. Scroll down to Ratings and click on it to open it up.

4. In Aggregate Type dropdown menu, select Sum of Ratings. (image below)

5. In the Scale Dropdown, select Points  (image below)

6. Then in the Maximum Grade field, type in 15 (for the 15 points the entire forum activity will be worth).

7. Then Save and Return to course.

Once students have posted and replied, you will see a dropdown menu beneath each post that says Sum of Ratings, followed by the Rate Dropdown menu. In this scenario:

  • For a student's initial post, this instructor would use this dropdown to give that student 10 Points.

  • For a reply post, this instructor would use the dropdown to give only 5 points.

Moodle will add up all the ratings and put that grade in the grade book 10 for initial + 5 for reply  = 15 points to gradebook. If they make too many replies, it's ok, Moodle won't record a score higher than 15, so the instructor doesn't need to keep track of how many replies they have made.