Step 1: Recreate VoiceThread Activity in Moodle 3.9

(Note: VoiceThread activities migrated from Moodle 3.1 cannot be preconfigured in the Moodle 3.9.  You need to recreate VoiceThread activities in Moodle and delete the migrated ones.)

1. On your Moodle course in Moodle 3.9, click Turn editing on.

Turn editing on button

2. Click +Add an activity or resource in the section where you want to add the Chat activity.

Add an activity or resource link

3. In the Add an activity or resource window, select VoiceThread. The Adding a new External tool page will open. 


4. In the General section, type a name in the Activity name field.

5. Click Show More...

6. Select New Window from the Launch container dropdown menu.

Select New Window form the Launch container dropdown menu.

7.  In the Privacy section, define whether or not the VoiceThread should be a graded activity. 

If the VoiceThread is a graded activity, check Accept grades from the tool option. If not, uncheck this option.

8. Configure the Grade section if the VoiceThread is a graded activity. Select Point for the Grade Type and determine the maximum grade (Default is set to 100pts.)

Note: Grade Type must be set to Point. The scale type will not work with VoiceThread assignments.

9. Click Save and return to course.

Save and return to course

Step 2: Set Up VoiceThread

1. Click the VoiceThread activity that you created on the course main page, and it will bring you to VoiceThread Setup page. Click Individual VT button.

VoiceThread Setup

2. Click the Create new VoiceThread Button.

Create new VoiceThread

3. Add media files to your VoiceThread by clicking in the "+ Add Media". 

Add Media icon

4. Select Media Sources.

Media sources

5. Click My VoiceThreads icon. 

VoiceThread icon

6. Click Shared with me.

Shared with me

7. Find the correct VoiceThread and click on it.

Find the correct VT

8. From the list of VoiceThreads slides, click on the little grid icon beneath the each slide that you want to import. Then click the blue Import Selected button to import all selected slides and comments.

Import selected

9. Thread Settings window will pop-up.  Enter the title of the VoiceThread (Description and Tags are optional), and click Save button.

Thread settings

10. Close the Media Sources window.

11. Check the order of the VoiceThread slides. (Important)

12. Click Share with class button at the top of the screen.

Share with class button

13. In the pop-up window, click Share with Class button again. 

Share with class button