Most areas of Moodle that allow text-editing (Pages, Labels, Forums, etc.) will also allow the creation of a hyperlink in the text area. The hyperlinked text will take users to another website when it is clicked.

Best Practice is to avoid pasting in the entire text of the URL to which you are trying to link.

Instead, create a hyperlink to concise, descriptive text that will convey the purpose of the link without forcing students and screen readers to parse through the entire URL. 


Use Instead: Read News from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

To create hyperlinked text:

1. From the Moodle resource of your choice, open the Edit Settings screen.

2. Locate or type the text you wish to become your hyperlink (remember, Best Practice is NOT to use the URL itself as the link text). 

3. Click and drag your cursor to select this text.

Select text need to be hyperlinked

4. Click the Link button in the toolbar about the text-editing area.

Click add hyperlink icon

5. In the Enter a URL field, paste in the URL for the external website you'd like the hyperlink to lead.

6. Check the Open in New Window checkbox.

7. Click the Create Link button

Click Create link button

8. When done adding hyperlinks, click the Save and Display button at the bottom of the Edit Settings screen. The new hyperlinks will appear as red text.

text with hyperlink