1.  Log into Moodle with your ULID credentials.

2.  Select the course in which you would like to install the Panopto block.

3.  Turn Editing on for the course.

4.  Scroll down and locate the Add a Block block at bottom of right hand column.

5.  Select Panopto from the dropdown box.

The Add a Block dropdown contains Panopto as a choice

6.  Scroll down to find the new Panopto block that will appear above the Add a Block block.

7. Click on Provision Course link in the new Panopto block.

8.  Verify your name and username listed under the Creators section on the next screen once provisioning is complete.

9.  Click the Back to Course link

You have now installed the Panopto block and initiated the Panopto service. 

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