For University-managed Windows Devices

1.  Locate the Windows or Start icon at the bottom left corner of the desktop. 

2.  In the Type here to search field, type Software Center and press the enter key. 

(Note: to use the Software Center you must be logged in to the UL Lafayette network directly or through UConnect VPN).

Type here to search

3.  Select Panopto from the Applications tab. 

Panopto Application

4.  Click the red Install button.

For University-managed Mac Devices

Contact the University Service Desk at to set up Panopto installation on your device.

For Personal Devices

1.  Log into the Moodle course where you added a Panopto block.

2.  Scroll down to the Panopto block.

3.  Under Links, Click on Course Settings.

The panopto block contains a Links heading with a link named Course Settings

4.  The first page is always the Settings page. Click the X in the upper right corner to close this page and show the Panopto Home Screen.

5.  Click the Download Panopto link at the top-right corner of the screen, below your name. The Panopto Recorder needs to be installed on a computer to record videos using it. 

Note: a web-based recorder called Panopto Capture is also available.

Download Panopto

6.  Select the download option that fits your device: Windows or Mac.

7.  Once the installation file has been downloaded to your computer (usually to your Downloads folder), Double-click the file to install the Panopto Recorder.

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