1. Locate the video and mouse over it. Click the Share button that will appear.

2. A settings page will open. Under the heading Who Has Access, click on the word Change to see all options.

Who can access this video? Only specific people and groups. Change.

3. Select either of the two recommended options:

  • Your Organization (unlisted) for sharing within a Moodle course.

  • Public (unlisted) for sharing with an external audience outside Moodle.

Who can access this video: Restricted (only specific people and groups), Your Organization (unlisted) Anyone at your org who has the link), Your Organization (anyone at your org can find and access), Public (unlisted) anyone who has the link, Public (anyone can find and access)

4. Next, click the Link circle button.

Link circle button

5. Click on the Copy Link button below and to the right of the Link circle button.

Copy Link Button

6. Go to the Moodle course where this video should appear. Click on Turn Editing On in the upper right corner of the Moodle Course page.

7. In the Module/Topic where this video should appear, click on Add an Activity or Resource.

8. Select URL from the list.

9. Enter a Name for the video that will be descriptive for students. 

10. In the External URL field, paste the URL that was copied from Panopto.

Name textbox then an External URL textbox.

11. Click on the Appearance heading. In the Display dropdown menu, select New Window.

The appearance heading contains a Display dropdown. The options are Automatic, Embed, New Window, and Open.

12. Finally, click the Save and Return to Course button. 

Save and return to course

Return to the Faculty Panopto Resources page for more information.