• Become familiar with the Zoom Interface.

Zoom interface

1.  Click on the Green shield (in the top left corner) to view the meeting information.  This shows your Meeting ID and an invite link.

My meeting

2.  View options.  Hover your mouse in the top right corner of the Zoom screen to see the different views.  See Changing Video Layouts for more information.

  • Speaker view.  This view will show whoever is speaking large in the center with additional participants small at the top.  

  • Gallery View.  Displays thumbnail video of each participants.  

  • Immersive View.  (Host only) Participants are placed in provided scenes that host can adjust.  See Immersive view for more information.

3.  Mute/Unmute and Audio Settings.  Test your audio before your meeting.   All checked items are on and by clicking on the name, can be turned off.  Note:  Microphone and speaker will depend on the device.

Audio settings

4.  Video options.  Turn on/off, Video settings, change background.  Note:  Camera options will depend on the device.

Video options

5.  Security options. Enable Waiting Room is selected by default.  Click on each option to toggle the remaining settings.  

Security options

6. Participants.  When selected, a side menu will appear will additional options.  The ... at the bottom right corner will bring up additional menu options.  


7.  How to Use Zoom Polls.  See Zoom Polls for detailed instruction.  

8.   Chat features.  See Zoom Chat features for more information.  Chat between participants, decide who can chat, save chat.  

9.  Screen Sharing  

Note:  Screen sharing options will depend on the device. 

Screen sharing

10.  Recording options.  Choose Record to the Record to the Cloud or Local Recording.

Recording options

11.  Closed Captioning and Live Transcription.  See Closed Captioning and Live Transcription for more information.

Closed captioning

12.  Breakout Rooms.  Allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions.  The separate sessions can be completed either automatically or manually.  See Breakout Rooms for more information.  

13.  Reactions.  Allows for non-verbal feedback and Meeting reactions.  To enable or disable these settings, go to the Zoom Dashboard, Settings, In-Meeting (Basic).  See Providing non-verbal feedback for more information.

After the Meeting

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