Step 1: Access the desired course in MH Connect.

Step 2: Locate the Section performance section block on the right by scrolling down the main course page.

Step 3: Click the view gradebook sync list link at the bottom of the Section performance block (image at right).

Step 4: Click the checkbox directly below the sync button to select all graded items for syncing (image below).

Step 5: Click the dropdown menu to the left of the sync button and select best attempt.

Step 6: Click the sync button. 

Step 7: Monitor the sync status of graded items. Note: The sync status does not update automatically. You will need to refresh your browser window/tab several times until you are able to verify that all items have synced successfully.

Step 8: Check the Moodle gradebook to make sure that grades have been successfully synced. 

Step 9: Repeat steps 1 through 8 weekly to update grades in Moodle.