Importing a course from one term/semester to the next brings over all Moodle gradebook settings, including grade items, grade categories, and any weightings. For instructors who will by syncing the Moodle gradebook with McGraw Hill Connect, Connect will recognize the categories that it (Connect) generated when syncing in previous semesters that are transferred during course imports. 

However, Connect does not  recognize the individual grade items that it generated in previous terms. So, syncing in the new term will produce duplicate grade items in the Moodle Gradebook. To account for this, all grade items that were transferred to the Moodle gradebook during importing should be deleted. However, the grade categories should be kept intact. 

The checklist below will step through the process of removing these duplicate grade items at the beginning of the term/semester, before syncing is done in the new course for the first time.

  1. Import previous term course into new term course shell in Moodle.
  2. Click "Gradebook Setup" in the Administration system block.
  3. Locate a "grade item"  in the gradebook. (See the screenshot below to differentiate between "grade items" and "grade categories". Grade categories should be left "as is".

  4. Click the "Edit" dropdown menu to the far right of the grade item's name.
  5. Select the "Delete" option from the dropdown menu to delete the grade item.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for all grade items in the gradebook.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE GRADEBOOK CATEGORIES! Deleting categories from the gradebook will remove all category weights, resulting in the final course grade being incorrectly calculated.