• Use a wired, high-speed internet connection, especially if recording audio or video.

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Disable browser pop up blockers (How to Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox).

  • Record audio and video from within VoiceThread, whenever possible, rather than using other recording software.

  • Open the VoiceThread in a new browser window. (How to: Right-click the VoiceThread link and select the option Open link in new window.)

  • Make sure to click the blue Submit Assignment button, if your instructor has set up the VoiceThread as a graded assignment. Even if you have uploaded or created a VoiceThread, your instructor will not be able to access it unless you click the submit button.

  • If you are accessing VoiceThread from a mobile device using the VoiceThread App by clicking a link in your Moodle course, make sure you are logging into Moodle directly by going to moodle.louisiana.edu and entering your login credentials. The Voice App does not launch correctly if you are accessing your Moodle course through the UL App.

If completing each of the items above does not resolve your issue, please contact the Office of Distance Learning at distancelearning@louisiana.edu for further assistance.

Return to the Faculty VoiceThread Resources page for more information on other topics.