1. Log into Moodle Course and click on any one of the Green Puzzle Piece External Tool links for Realizeit.

  2. Click on the word Modules in the tabs at the top of the screen:

  1. Once in the Realizeit screen, click on the Instructor Toolbox icon in the upper right corner.

  1. Select Managed Assigned Items.

  1. Check the box of the desired Assessment (can do all at once if desired) then scroll down and click the blue Start button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. IMPORTANT: do not uncheck any of the student checkboxes. Doing so will un-assign that item for that student.

  1. Locate the student that needs extra time, and click on the blue Edit Details under that student’s checkbox (DO NOT uncheck the checkbox!).

  1. Enter the time including the extra time, for the student in question as hh:mm. 

In the example below, the standard exam time was 30 minutes. 

  • A student needing time-and-a-half would receive 45 minutes. 

  • The numbers 00:45 are entered into the blank for those 45 minutes. 

  • This affects only the single student, all other students receive 30 minutes.

  1. When done, click on the blue Update Button.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue Save button.

  3. Repeat this process for all the Assessments, and for all students needing extra time.