Step 1: Create a Group and Add a Member

1. Open any VoiceThread in your course in Moodle 3.1, and click Close icon at the right-top corner to enter VoiceThread Home screen.

Close icon

2. Click on the Groups + button in the sidebar on the left side of your VT Home page to start creating a group.

3. Give your Group a name and a description (optional), and click Create Group button.

Create new group

4. Select a banner image for the Group, and click OK.

Select a banner image

5. "Select a source to add members" window will pop-up, click My contacts list button.

My contacts list

6. Click + Add contact button at the bottom of the page.

Add Contact

7. Enter your ULID email (e.g., full name, and click Save.

Enter your ULID

8. Select your name and click +Add selected members button.

Add selected members

9. Click ×" to close the window and return to the VoiceThread Home page.

Close window

Step 2: Share your VoiceThreads with the Group

1. Click on the Courses button in the sidebar on the left side of your VT Home page.

Courses button

2. Click the hamburger icon and select Owned by me.

Courses owned by me

3. Select all VoiceThreads that you want to transfer by clicking the little square box next to each VoiceThread.

Select VoiceThreads

4. Click the Share button on the top menu to set up share settings.

Share Button

5. Set up VoiceThread Share Setting

1. Select the Group that you created in the drop-down menu.

2. Select Edit access for all VoiceTrheads, 

3. Select Copy and Share these VoiceThreads.

4. Select Include only my comments in the drop-down menu.

5. Click Copy and share button.

Share Voicethreads with group

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