After you completed the webinar form and webinar is "officially" scheduled

  • Confirm the date, time, title of the webinar and practice session.
  • Be sure you and your panelists have received the invitation from Zoom prior to the event.
  • Assign webinar roles:  co-hosts, panelists.
  • Meet with panelists to confirm the webinar structure and content. (This can also be addressed during the practice session)
  • Decide whether your webinar will have polls.  Polls should be created before the webinar. 
  • Decide if you want a copy of the recorded webinar after the event (shared link) and a record of attendees (.csv file).
  • Review the following documents:
  • In whatever way you will promote your webinar, share the Attendee invitation or Registration link.
  • If you would like more security measures to be taken for your webinar, please schedule a meeting so we can go over the registration options.  The best security measures for a webinar is when the webinar settings are being created.  

Practice session (with DL support)

  • Start or Join the webinar with the unique URL provided by Zoom on the date/time scheduled. 
  • Confirm scheduled meeting information (date/time,  panelists, etc.).  Make any changes needed.
  • Review the webinar interface, host controls, participants interface, chat, screen share, live transcription.
  • Finalize your presentation; add poll questions, if needed.
  • Discuss Internet connection and audio.
  • Review webinar tools:
    • Chat Click the More menu at bottom to allow or disable attendee chat.
    • Participants  Click the More menu at bottom to allow panelists to start video and mute on entry.
    • Q&A  Click the Options menu at top to allow or disable anonymous questions. 
    • Polls Select Polls to prepare to launch the poll.
    • Views -  Host view -Speaker view, Gallery view, Immersive View Attendee views - Follow host, Gallery, Speaker

30 Minutes Before

  • Host should open the webinar and wait for the panelists to join.
    • Greet panelists and review everyone's roles.
    • As panelists join, confirm that their audio and video are running smoothly.
    •  Set up and manage webinar tools as decided in practice session:

15 Minutes Before

  • Run a final audio, webcam video, and content sharing test.
  • Review your host controls.

5 Minutes Before

  • Mute all panelists; they will remain muted until the presentation starts.
  • Confirm that other presenters are ready to be unmuted and video is on.
  • Attendees will join muted; they will be able to see and hear panelists.

Webinar Start Time

  • Start Webinar (or Broadcast) button will allow the attendees to enter and a recording will begin. 
  • Unmute yourself and start the video.
  • Make time (30 secs to 1 minute) for your attendees to join the webinar (look at the participants tab to view attendees joining - when the numbers slow down, begin).
  • Begin the presentation with welcome and housekeeping items.
  • Monitor or assign another panelist answer Q&A. 
  • We recommend you and the panelists use the chat feature for technical difficulty, etc.
  • If Webinar support is needed before 5:00 pm, you can contact our office at 337-482-1246 or If support is needed after 5:00 pm, you may chat with Zoom directly at Zoom Webinar support

After your webinar

  • You will be sent a cloud recording and attendance /Q&A reports (if requested).
  • Please send a follow-up email with any issues/comments so we can address and improve future webinars.