The checklist will auto-populate with any Moodle Resource (Page, File URL) or Moodle Activity (Forum, Quiz, Assignment, etc.) placed within the same Module. If you use the Suggested Layout, there is a pre-populated area for Module Learning Objectives as well.

To add Module Level Learning Objectives to the checklist:

1. Click the Turn editing on button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Locate the Objectives and Checklist within a Module. Directly to the right of it, click on Edit and then Edit Settings.

3. Click and drag your cursor to select the text Insert Module Objective Here. Then, type in the appropriate Learning Objectives for the current Module in your course.

4. Add as many Learning Objectives as necessary, and remove all the unused "Insert Module Objective Here" text.

Add as many Learning Objectives as necessary in the Introduction area.

5. Click the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the screen when finished.

save and return to course