The Moodle Announcements Forum is created automatically within your course. You do not have to add it. Messages posted to this forum are also sent as emails to all course participants 30 minutes after the post is created. 

Students cannot reply to posts in the Announcements forum

1. Click the Announcements forum link.

2. Click the Add Discussion topic button.

3. Add a title in the Subject field.

Subject text field

4. Enter the body of the post in the Message field. 

Message text field

5. Click the Post to forum button for the post to be send in 30 minutes.

Post to forum button

6. If you need the post to go out immediately, click on Advanced.

Advanced text

7. Then, check the checkbox beside Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay before clicking the Post to forum button. 

Send forum post notificiations with no editing-time delay checkbox

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