The Simple Weighted Mean aggregation will take an average of all grade items using their maximum number of points to weigh each item accordingly.

One way to control the weighting of items in the grade book is to make each item worth the correct maximum number of points to match the desired weights.

Another way is to create Categories, setting the Maximum Grade of each category equal to the percentage value for that item from the syllabus.

An example is a syllabus that states:

  • Quiz Average = 10%
  • Test Average = 60%
  • Final Exam = 30 %

When creating these Categories, set the Maximum Grade for the Category equal to the percentage value from the Syllabus. 

  • The Maximum Grade for the Quizzes Category is 10 representing the 10% value from the Syllabus.

  • The Maximum Grade for the Tests Category is 60 representing the 60% value from the Syllabus.

  • The Maximum Grade for the Final Exam Category is 30 for the 30% value from the Syllabus.

The grade items can be created or organized into their appropriate categories.

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