All UL Lafayette faculty and staff have access to a Zoom Pro license. Depending on your role, you will either log into Zoom by:

  • Connecting through Moodle (for Faculty)
  • Connecting through (for Staff)
  • Connect through Zoom app

Connect through Moodle (for Faculty)

Connecting through Moodle using the Zoom-Moodle Integration is the preferred method for faculty to schedule and host meetings. There are several advantages to this method, including easy authentication of student participants, tracking meeting attendance, and easy sharing of recorded meetings. 

Resources linked below to get started using the Moodle Integration to schedule and host your own Zoom meetings from within Moodle:


Connect through (for Staff)

Access your Zoom Pro license using your ULID and University password at to schedule and host your Zoom meetings.

Connect through the Zoom App 

1.  Open the Zoom app downloaded on your device.

2. Click the Sign in with SSO button

SSO signin

3.  Enter "ullafayette" in the Company Domain field and click "Continue."

SSO signin

4.  Enter your normal University credentials.

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