If students have been organized into groups in Moodle, Assignments can be submitted and graded in Group Mode.

This can only be arranged BEFORE students submit to this Assignment.

Set Up Group Mode

1. In the Edit Settings screen for the Assignment, the Group Submissions Settings heading to open it.

2. Use the Students Submit in Groups dropdown to select Yes if you want a submission made by any group member will count towards the whole group. This will also enable Group grading.

Group Submission Settings; Students submit in groups: Yes or No

3. In the Require group to make submission dropdown, 

  • select Yes to prevent any student not in a group from submitting.

  • select No to allow non-grouped students to submit.

Require group to make submission

4. Save this setting by clicking Save and return to course or Save and display.

Save and return to course or save and display

Grade An Assignment in Group Mode

Group grades can only be issued if the setting Students Submit in Groups was set to Yes before submissions were made. 

1. To apply a single grade and feedback to the entire group, click the Assignment activity, and then use the Grade button only. 

Grade button

2. Follow the instructions for Grading An Assignment using either Simple Direct Grading, Grading Guide, or Rubric with one addition:

A. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the left-hand grading panel.

B. In the Group Submission Settings area, click:

  • Yes to apply grades and feedback to the entire group

  • No to give each group member an individual grade and feedback. 

Group submission settings; apply grades and feedback to entire group: options are Yes or No

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