A single Quiz activity cannot be exported/imported between two Moodle courses.

The best way to duplicate a quiz into another Moodle course is to export the questions for that quiz. Then, import the questions into the second course and re-create the quiz activity manually.

For this process to work correctly, the questions should all be in one Category in the Question Bank of the source Moodle course.

1. Click on the three horizontal lines beside the word Menu in your Moodle Course:

Menu button

2. In the Administration block, locate and click the arrow beside Question bank.

Administration Block, Question Bank

3. Under the Question Bank heading, click Export.


4. Select the Moodle XML format.

File Format choose Moodle XML format

5. Under the General heading, select the Category containing the questions for export.

Export category dropdown menu

6. Click the Export questions to file button. A file will be downloaded onto your computer. It cannot be opened.

Export questions to file

7. Go into the second Moodle course and import these questions, making sure to select Moodle XML as the question format. 

8. Lastly, create a new Quiz activity in the second Moodle course and add the imported questions into it.

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