Workshop is a powerful peer assessment activity. Students add submissions which are then distributed amongst their peers for assessment based on a grading scale specified by the teacher. There are two grades for each students: a grade for their submitted work, and a grade for their peer assessments of other students' work.

Add a Workshop Activity

1. On your Moodle course, click Turn editing on.

Turn editing on button

2. Click +Add an activity or resource in the section where you want to add the Workshop activity.

Add an activity or resource link

3. In the Add an activity or resource window, select Workshop. The Adding a new Workshop page will open.

Workshop activity

4. On the Adding a new Workshop page, enter a name for the activity in the Workshop name field and provide instructions of the Workshop activity in the Description field (optional).

General setting

5. Determine the Grading settings.

  • Grading strategy: Determine the grading method for submissions.
    • Accumulative grading: It enables comments and a grade to be given regarding specified aspects.
    • Comments: It enables students to comment regarding specified aspects but no grade can be given.
    • Number of errors: It enables comments and a yes/not assessment regarding specified assertions.
    • Rubric: It provides a level assessment regarding specified criteria. 
  • Grade for submission: Reflect the maximum grade for a submission.
  • Submission grade pass: Set the minimum grade required to pass the assignment.
  • Grade for assessment: Reflect the maximum grade that can be obtained for assessing peers' submissions.
  • Assessment grade to pass: Set the minimum grade required to pass the peer assessment.
  • Decimal places in grades: Reflect the number of decimal places for the assessment and submission grades.

Grading settings

6. Determine the Submission settings.

  • Instructions for submission: Students will see the instructions for submitting their work when the workshop is in the Submission phase.
  • Submission types: Select submission types.
  • Maximum number of submission attachments: students will be able to upload up to the set number of files for their submission.
  • Submission attachment allowed file types: Click Choose button to select file types students can submit to the workshop.
  • Maximum submission attachment size: Set the maximum size of attachment size.
  • Late submissions: Students may submit their work after the submissions deadline or during the Assessment phase. Late submissions cannot be edited.

Submission settings

7. In the Assessment settings section, provide instructions for assessing their peers' submissions when the workshop is in the Assessment phase. If you enable Use self-assessment, students may assess their own submissions and they will receive a grade for assessment in addition to a grade for their submission.

Assessment settings

8. Configure Feedback section.

  • Overall feedback mode: If enabled, the text field is displayed at the bottom of the assessment form.
  • Maximum number of overall feedback attachments: Students will be able to upload up to the set number of files for their feedback.
  • Feedback attachment allowed file types: Click Choose button to select file types students can submit to the workshop.
  • Maximum overall feedback attachment size: Each upload cannot exceed this attachment size.
  • Conclusion: The text here is displayed to students upon completing the Grading evaluation phase assessment.

Feedback settings

9. In the Example submissions section, if you enable Use examples, students can try assessing one or more example submissions and compare their assessment with a reference assessment. The grade is not counted in the grade for assessment.

Mode of examples assessment: Allows the instructor to make the assessment of the example submission voluntary or mandatory to complete.

Example submissions settings

10. Adjust the Workshop availability settings.

  • Open for submission from: Determine when students can begin to submit their work for assessment.
  • Submission deadline: Determine when the submission for assessment will be due.
  • Switch to the next phase after the submissions deadline: If the submissions deadline is specified and this box is checked, the workshop will automatically switch to the Assessment phase after the submissions deadline.
  • Open for assessment from: Determine when students can begin to submit their assessments.
  • Deadline for assessment: Determine when the assessment will be due.

Availability settings

11. Click Save and display button and explore the Workshop phases.

save and display button

For more information on the Workshop phases, see Five Phases of Workshop Activity.