After an exam window has been set up in ProctorU, a faculty member can later configure a Single User Exam window that will allow an individual student to test outside of the general testing window set up for a particular exam. To allow an individual student to test outside the general testing window, please complete both of the following steps:

Step 1 - Create Single User Exam in ProctorU

  • On the ProctorU dashboard, click the name for the exam window that you have already configured. 

  • Click the Exam Options button at the top-right of the screen. 

  • Select the option to Create Single User Exam

  • Complete the form to set up the individual testing window for the student. 

  • Submit the form.

The student should now see individualized appointment availability based on the information you submitted.

Step 2 - Configure Individual Testing Settings in Moodle or 3rd Party Testing Site

  • Accommodations must also be set up in Moodle (or 3rd party testing site).

  • In Moodle, Add a User Override to allow extra time or an alternate testing window.

  • For 3rd party testing sites, contact vendor support for their procedures.

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