1.  Click the ProctorU link (created in Create ProctorU link in Moodle).

2.  Click the No button is you are a first-time ProctorU user.  

3.  Click the Yes button if you already have a ProctorU account to access the ProctorU dashboard.

ProctorU account

4.  Complete the Create an Account form.

5.  Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

6.  Click the Create Account button.  

7.  You will receive the following message:  "Your account has been created.  It is being reviewed and should be active within 48 hours".  

*Note:  You will receive two confirmation emails from ProctorU.  The first email is simply to confirm you submitted the form to create an account.  The second will confirm your account is active.  You are able to begin creating exam for your students.

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