1.  Go to the ProctorU instructor dashboard.

2.  Click the Add New drop-down button, and select Exam.

Add new ProctorU exam

3.  On the Exam Settings page, type Exam Title and select your Department from the drop-down box.  

  • If you do not see your department listed, do not select anything and contact the Office of Distance Learning (distancelearning@louisiana.edu) so that your department can be added to the list.

Exam settings

4.  Setup your exam by completing the Exam Configuration section.  (see below)

  • Term - Select the correct semester the exam will take place.

  • DurationSelect the number of minutes students have to take the exam.

  • Exam URL - Copy and paste the Moodle quiz URL.

  • Whitelisted URLs - Test-takers may access these URLs.  (include http or https)

  • Exam Password - Type in the password you have used for your Moodle Quiz or Third Party test. The student does not see this. Re­type the password in the Exam Password Confirmation.


5.  Permitted resources:

  • No Resources AllowedClick this checkbox if you do not want students to use any resources.

  • Books - select any books students are allowed to use during the test.

  • Calculators - select the boxes of the specific types of calculators that will be permitted.

  • Notes - select the boxes of any notes allowed during the test.

  • Web - select any website that students can access during the test.  If using Pre-Approved websites, list in Additional Notes.

  • Scratch Paper - select any types of scratch paper allowed during testing.

  • Software - select all software allowed during testing. If required software is not listed, add into Additional Exam Notes.

  • Other - Select if bathroom breaks are allowed. 

Permitted Resources

6.  Permitted Browsers - Click the checkboxes of the approved browser you will allow a student to use during testing.

7.  Other Resources - List any other resources that students may use during an exam not listed any where else.

8.  Expected Number of Test Takers - Enter the total number of students in your course.

9.  Additional Exam Notes 

  • Add additional notes and specific instructions here. 

  • Indicate students requiring ODS accommodations and time allowed

10.  Notify on Schedule Emails - Include your email here if you would like to receive confirmation emails as each of your students registers and schedules an exam date and time.

11. Contact info for Exam issues

  • Name - Who to contact if an issue occurs during exams, this typically would be your name.

  • Email - Choose your preferred email as a point of contact if any issues occur. You can leave other email addresses.

  • Phone Number - Leave a phone number. 

  • Notes and Times Available - Add contact availability and alternate numbers. 

Contact info for Exam info

12. Window -  defines when students may select exam appointments.  

  • First Appointment - Select the date and time when the exam will first be available for students scheduling a proctoring appointment.

  • Last Appointment Select the last possible time and date at which a student should schedule to connect to a proctor to START an exam and still have enough time to complete it within the allotted time.
    • To ensure that this proctoring window matches the test availability set in Moodle or other external testing site. Be sure when your exam closes in ProctorU 2 hours before it actually closes in Moodle.  

    • Note that the Last Appointment should be thought of as the latest time that a student should connect with a proctor to Start his or her exam.  

    • You will also want to include a 1-hour buffer to allow for any technical difficulties that a student might experience as they get connected to their proctor.  

For example, a 60 minute exam that end in Moodle at midnight should have a Last Appointment setting no later than 10:00 pm.

  • Name - This field can be left blank. 

  • Click the Submit for review button.

Exam appointment times

It is strongly encouraged that you set at least a 24 hour testing window in which students can schedule their exams. Shorter testing windows may result in students being unable to schedule a proctoring appointment at a convenient time.

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