1. Click on the More link in the Contextual menu at the top of the Moodle course:

2. Select Question bank. 

3. Select the desired Category for the new question.

Question Bank, select a category

4. Click the Create A New Question button.

Create a new question

5. Select Short Answer and click the Add button.

Short Answer


6. Enter a Question Name. Students will not see this name.

Question Name textbox

7. Enter the Question Text. Students will see this text. It should contain the main body of the question that students will answer. 

Do not paste text from a Microsoft Word document without pasting it as Plain Text. Pasting as plain text can be accomplished by:

  • typing SHIFT+CTRL+V in either Chrome or Firefox on a PC

  • typing SHIFT+OPTION+CMD+V in either Chrome or Firefox on a Mac

  • Right-clicking and selecting Paste as Plain text in Chrome on a PC or Mac

Images can also be added into the Question Text, if needed.

Question text textbox

8. The answer blank will automatically be placed under the question test. 

Mary had a little Answer: textbox

If you wish for the blank to be included in the question text, type  "_____"  in the question text to indicate where the answer blank should be.

Mary had a little blank textbox

9. Leave the Default Points at 1.

Default points is 1

10. Enter any General Feedback that students would receive regardless of getting the question correct or incorrect.

General Feedback textbox

11. Decide if the Case Sensitivity should be considered for this question.

Case Sensitivity: No, case is unimportant or Yes, Case must match


  • Enter the exact text you would like students to type into the answer blank.

  • Use the Grade dropdown to select 100% for this correct response.

  • Enter Feedback for the individual choice if desired (this is called Specific Feedback in Review Options).

  • Repeat as needed; it is a good idea to include many variations of the correct response if possible.

Answer 1 textbox followed by Grade dropdown followed by feedback textbox

When done editing the question, click the Save Changes button. Questions can ALWAYS be updated as needed.

Save Changes

Return to Add Questions to Question Bank to learn how to create or import questions into the Question Bank.

Otherwise, return to the Quiz main resource page for more information on other topics.