Make sure to issue a zero grade to students that do not submit to the Assignment, so their overall grades will calculate correctly. 

Click on the Assignment link from the main Moodle page, and select either View all submissions or Grade.

View all submissions or grade

View all submissions

  • This view allows the instructor to see all students and all submissions on the same screen. 

  • The checkbox Quick grading at the bottom of this screen will allow grades to be directly entered here.

Quick Grading

  • When done entering grades, click the Save all quick grading changes button.

grades can be entered directly into the View All submissions screen. The Save all quick grading changes button is at the bottom of this screen


The Grade button may be clicked from the Assignment page or the View all Submissions page. Within the Grade screen there are several key areas to consider:

  • The student's name appears at the top of the page.

  • On the left-hand side of the screen is a preview of the student's submission (if PDF was used).

Student's name is at the top of the screen and a preview of their submission is on the bottom left.

The annotation tools are available above the submission preview.

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, locate the grading and feedback region. 

  • Starting from the top, the student's submission can be downloaded, if desired.

The submission title and upload date.

  • Next, enter the student's Grade.

Grade textbox

  • Next, enter feedback text if Feedback comments are enabled.

Feedback Comments Textbox

  • Finally, upload any feedback documents if Feedback files are enabled.

Upload area for Feedback files

When finished, click Save changes or Save and show next to proceed to the next student. 

Notify student check box, save changes button and save and show next button.

Another way to select the next student to grade is by using the Change user dropdown in the top left area. Students with ungraded submissions are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Or, use the left and right arrows to move through the student roster.

Change user dropdown menu lists all students. Left and right arrows are also available.

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