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Point-based Gradebook

If a Syllabus Grading policy is based upon course points only, the Natural method is effective. An example is a syllabus that states:

2 Assignments at 25 points each = 50 points

3 Tests at 100 points each = 300 points

1 Final Exam = 150 points

Course Total = 500 Points total

The Gradebook Setup can be set up as follows:

Assignment 1 is worth 25 points, assignment 2 is worth 25 points, Test 1 is worth 100 points, Test 2 is worth 100 points, Test 3 is worth 100 points, Final Exam is worth 150 point and the course total is 500 points.

What will the Instructor See?

The instructor will see each student's grade and a Course Total out of the total possible points (500 in this example)

Moodle Tester 1 has a course total of 394.50

How to Set up the Gradebook:

1. Click Grades in the Contextual menu at the top of the page. 

2.Click on the red button in the top left (by default - Grader report) until you find Gradebook setup.   

3. Locate the top-most folder icon. Click on Edit, then Edit settings

On the top-most folder, click the word edit to reveal edit Settings

4. Under Aggregation, select Natural. Then click the Save changes button.

There are two aggregation choices: simple weighted mean of grades or natural

Save changes

5. Confirm that the total number of points from the syllabus matches the Course Total (500 in this example).

6. If needed, Categories can also be created or manually graded items can be created to fit specific gradebook needs.

7. If the weighting on any grade item needs to be changed, click on the checkbox in the Weights category. The weights of all other items will automatically respond to any changes made to the weighting.

Click checkbox near the weight value.

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