If students have uploaded a PDF file to the assignment area, the PDF will appear in the left-hand side of the detailed grading page. 

You can use the PDF markup tools to add comments and annotation directly to the assignment on the screen and click Save changes button to save entries.

The numbers on the image below correspond to the Markup actions described below the image:

PDF Markup editor with areas marked from left to right as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The numbers on the image above correspond to the following mark-up actions:

Number 1: Navigation

Move between pages in the submission by using the arrow buttons at the top left corner.

Number 2: Add a comment

1. Click the Comments icon in the toolbar.

2. Place your cursor over the page where you want to make a comment.

3. Hold down your left mouse button and drag diagonally to the right to create a comment box.

4. Type your comment.

Optional: Click the Comment color icon Comment color selector to select a different background color.

Number 3: Add an annotation

You can mark up the assignment with many different shapes, lines, highlights, or pen marks.

1. Click the Annotation color to select the color you wish to use.

2. Click the annotation tool you want to use:

  • Pen - freehand "write" notes or other markups.
  • Line - draw a straight line.
  • Rectangle - draw a box.
  • Oval - draw a circle.
  • Highlight - put a transparent color over text, like a highlighter pen

3. Place your cursor on the portion of the text you want to annotate.

4. Hold down your left mouse button and drag your cursor to make the needed annotation.

Number 4: Use the Stamp tool

The stamp tool will place a selected image on the assignment for more visual feedback.

1. Click on the Stamp chooser icon on the right. A drop-down menu of stamps appears.

2. Click the stamp icon you want to use.

3. Place your cursor on the assignment where you want to the stamp to appear.

4. Click your left mouse button to place the stamp.

Optional: To create a larger stamp, press down, and hold your left mouse button and drag to the size you want.

Deleting a comment, annotation, or stamp

1. Click the Select icon (arrow).

2. Click the item you want to delete, the markup will highlight and a little trashcan icon appears.

3. Click the trash can icon.

Once the assignment is grade, be sure to click Save changes button

To notify students of a grade change via email, click the Notify students checkbox before saving entries.

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