Create assignments require students to create a full VoiceThread. They will upload the slides and record comments, then submit that to you for a grade. You can even allow students to see their classmates’ submissions later so they can engage in peer review and conversation. Great for:

  • Self-Introduction
  • Student presentations (Individual/Group)
  • Demonstration of a skill (Giving a speech, bedside manner, playing an instrument, painting/drawing technique, showing a prototype, pitching a business, etc)
  • Submitting a paper to receive feedback

Keep reading the details about how to set up this type of assignment.

1. Choose Activity

2. Choose Options

3. Finalize

1. Click on the VoiceThread link that you created in Step 1

2. Click Assignment Builder.

1. Choose Activity

Click Createthen click Continue at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose Options

1. Configure Participation requirements options:

  • Number of comments required: Students will be required to post comments on the VoiceThread. You can require a minimum number or an exact number. They will not be permitted to submit until this requirement is met.  Important: This is the number of comments students record on their own VoiceThread, not on a classmate’s submission. 
  • Number of slides required
     Students will be required to add this number of slides to their VoiceThread. Minimum number of slides required is always 1 by default, but you can require more if desired. 
  • Commenting types: Select which types of comments you want to allow students to post.
  • Enable threaded commenting: Turns on the ability for your students to add comments.
  • Enable comment moderation: Allows you and the student to preview all comments on this VoiceThread before revealing them to others.
  • Don’t allow commenters to delete their own comments: Anyone who records a comment on a VoiceThread will be unable to delete it once it is saved.
  • Limit length of each comment: By default, all audio and video comments recorded in VoiceThread can be 60 minutes long. If you’d like to set shorter time limits, check this option and enter your desired maximum comment length.
  • When recording, automatically advance to the next slide after: Set slides to advance automatically at pre-set intervals as users are recording. In addition, you can check the box for
  • Pecha Kucha or Ignite beneath this option to automatically set the correct restrictions for those presentation types.

Participation requirements options

2. Configure Playback options:

  • Start playing when opened: The comments on your VoiceThread will begin playing automatically when people first open it.
  • When final comment on a slide has played, automatically advance to the next slide after: When the VoiceThread is in play mode, it will play through all of the comments on a slide and then move to the next slide automatically. The number of seconds is the pause time before the slide advances.

3. Configure Permissions options: 

  • Allow download: Allow students to download the media from the VoiceThreads their classmates create.
  • Allow export
    Allow students to export one another’s VoiceThreads. 
  • Allow students to make a copy: Allow students to make a copy of other's VoiceThreads.

4. Configure Student Gallery option: 

If you want students to review one another’s VoiceThreads after they are submitted, check this option. This will give them a Student Gallery button in their interface to review and add comments to the VoiceThreads their classmates have submitted for this assignment.

5. Click Continue button at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

3. Finalize

Set the final details for your assignment

  • Assignment instructions: The instruction will appear on the right-hand side of the student’s view. Tell them more about what you expect from them here.
  • Message shown to student after they submit: Customize the message students see after they’ve submitted their VoiceThread.

  • Start date
    Students will not be able to view the assignment until the start date/time. If you want it to be open immediately, leave this blank.
  • Due date
    This is the date the assignment is due. Students can still submit after the due date, but they will be marked late.
  • Close date
    Students will not be able to access the assignment at all after this date. If you want the assignment to be open indefinitely, leave this blank. 

  • Allow students to resubmit assignment: Give students the opportunity to try again if they submit the wrong thing or need to make corrections.
  • Allow students to view assignment after submitting: If you don’t want students to be able to see the work they’ve submitted, uncheck this box. If you want them to see their work so you can record feedback on it, leave it checked. 

  • Assessment: Choose how you would like to grade this assignment.

Click Publish button at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

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