1. Go to http://ullafayette.zoom.us/ and select Sign-In.  Use your ULID credentials to get to the Zoom Dashboard.

2. Click on the Schedule New Meeting button.

Schedule a zoom meeting

3. Complete the Topic, Description (optional), When, and Duration.

Schedule a zoom meeting

4. If the meeting is recurring, select the Checkbox and complete the recurrence options.

5. Enable Registration (optional) and select the best option.

6. Security options.  By default, Waiting Room is enabled.

7. Recommend Audio/Video selections remain as shown.

8. View the Meeting Options select all that apply

8. Alternative Host (optional).  Note:  Alternative Hosts must have a Zoom Pro Account with a ULID.  Students cannot be an alternative host.

9. Save the meeting.

10.  Click on the Meetings option in the side menu.  Click on the meeting link to Start, Edit or Delete.

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