Follow these success tips to have a great VoiceThread experience! When accessing VoiceThread:


  • Use a high-speed internet connection (a wired network connection is preferred).

  • Use the VoiceThread activity link in your Moodle course (see example image below); never go to directly.

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Make sure your comments or uploaded files are completely uploaded (i.e. no loading "pinwheel") before exiting out of VoiceThread.

  • Use the video/webcam recorder within VoiceThread itself for video recording rather than using another recorder (such as your phone's default video recording app).

  • Set phone video recorder settings to the lowest possible resolution if you must use your phone's default recording app to record video. Videos recorded by the latest smartphones at high resolutions sometimes cause errors when trying to upload to VoiceThread.      

  • Open the VoiceThread activity link in a new browser window if you click the link in Moodle and see either a blank white or blank black screen. 

  • Make sure to click the Submit button if you are submitting a graded VoiceThread assignment. This will always be the final step in submitting the assignment.

Return to the Student VoiceThread Resources page for more information on other topics.