Use the Turnitin interface to grade assignments and view the Similarity report. 

1. Log into your Moodle course and click on the Turnitin link.  See Turnitin Moodle Integration.

2. Review the top portion of the Turnitin Interface.

Turnitin interface

1.  Submission Inbox, Default setting or tab Turnitin Students, list of students enrolled.

2.  Click on the pencil icon next to each column to make any changes to the assignment.

3.  Select the Rubric icon to create a Rubric (see Rubric Manager) or use QuickMark Manager.

4.  Refresh Submissions, Notify Non-Submitters, view Messages.

3. Review the bottom portion of the Turnitin Interface.  

Turnitin interface

Each column explained.  Click on the column title to re-order submissions.

  • FirstName/Last Name:  Name of students.

  • Submission Title:  Name of submission.

  • Turnitin Paper ID.

  • Submitted:  Date/Time submitted.

  • Similarity:  Percentage of paper's content that matches the Turnitin database.  The lower the percentage, the submission is considered original work.   Click on the percentage or colored box to view the report.   Interpreting the Similarity Report.

  • Grade: Select the pencil icon to open the Feedback Studio.    

  • Download submission.

  • Refresh submission.

  • Delete submission.

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