Overview of Feedback Studio

1. Select the pencil icon next to the submission to open the Feedback Studio.  

pencil icon

2. Review sections of the Feedback Studio.

Feedback studio

1.  Toggle Page Navigation.

2.  Student Name/Submission name.

3.  Grade submission.

4.  Select individual Student submissions.

5.  Help documents.

3. Click on the first icon on the right to open the Active Layers panel

Active layers

4. Check the color-coded layers to activate each component. 

Active layers


5. Grading. Each grade icon will provide different grading options.  Quickmarks, Feedback Summary, Rubric/Form.


  • Quickmarks.  Once selected, change the settings by selecting the gear option or the down arrow in Commonly Use textbox.  Drag and drop the quickmarks to the page where needed. See Adding Quickmarks


  • Feedback Summary. Provide voice or text feedback for the overall submission.  

  • Rubric/Form.  Once selected, click on the gear icon to add a Rubric.



6. Similarity options.  Select each similarity icon for similarity options.  Flags for review, Match Overview, All Sources, Filters and Settings, Excluded Sources.  Similarity report explained.  

Similarity options

  • Match - Percentage of text that is similar or the same as text found in the Turnitin Database.  

  • Source - a list of sources where the match is found.  

ETS E-Rater

7.  ETS E-rater.  If selected, a grammar feedback technology will automatically check submitted work for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors. 



8.  AI.  AI detection will help educators identify when AI writing tools such as ChatGPT have been used in students’ submissions.  Visit Turnitin's AI Writing hub to learn more about this feature with videos and downloadable pdfs to help instructors approach this evolving technology. 

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