1. Log into the Moodle course where your Turnitin assignment is located and click on the Turnitin link.

Turnitin icon

2. In the Turnitin interface, view the submission options available and the grade of the submission.  Note:  Submit paper is only available if your instructor allows.   

Turnitin submission

3. To view the instructor feedback, either click on the pencil icon in the grade column or the submission title.  This will open the Feedback Studio.

Feedback studio

4. Review the icons to the right to understand the feedback. These are the layers of the Feedback Studio.  

  • Blue is Instructor Feedback. 

  • Red is Similarity. 

  • Purple is grammar.  

Click on the solid colored bar at the top of each section to turn these features on (color) and off (black).

5. Turn off all the layers but the Blue (Instructor Feedback) layer.  Note:  You should see only blue notations throughout your paper.  

Feedback notations

6. Select any of the blue boxes next to the highlighted text to view the instructors feedback.


7. Click on the blue comment icon under Instructor Feedback to expand.  With this box open, you can view: 

  • Rubric (if available).

  • Voice comments (if available).

  • Text Comment of the overall submission.  

Select the View Rubric button to view the actual rubric or select the play button to hear the voice comment. See Rubric Scorecards or Grading Forms.

Instructor feedback

8. Turn off the blue layer and turn on the red layer to view the similarity.  Click each of the red icons for more information or select the number on the page to view the source.


9. Turn off the red layer and turn on the purple layer to view grammatical errors.  Click on each darker purple box in the paper to view more information.


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