1.   First go to Edit Settings in the Administration Panel.  Select Edit Settings.

Edit settings

2.  Under GradeMark Options, Launch Rubric Manager.  Note:  Rubric Manager is available in other locations.

Launch Rubric manager

3. View Rubric options available in the Rubric Manager and select the best option.

Rubric manager

4. Create a New Rubric.

Create a new rubric

Dependent on the type of assignment, there are four grading tools to choose from:

  • Standard rubric (%) bottom center - Default setting used for numerical scoring. This type of rubric allows you to enter scale values and criteria percentages. 

  • Qualitative rubric - used for providing feedback without the use of numerical scoring. 

  • Custom rubric - can be modified to suit your grading needs. 

  • Grading form - used for providing feedback with or without the use of numerical scoring or scaled criteria. 

See Grading a Rubric or Grading form for more information.

5. Enter Rubric Name located in the top left of Rubric Manager.

6. Criterion.  Edit the name, description, or percentage value of a criterion.  Click directly into the field and begin typing.  Complete for each criterion.  Note:  The percentages combined must equal 100%. 


7. Add extra rows of criteria by clicking the + sign to the right of the header.  Delete criterion by hovering over it and selecting the trash can in the bottom left corner. 

Add criteria

8. Scales.  Click on the scale title or scale value and begin typing.  Click anywhere outside of the text field to finish editing.  Note:  Decimal values can be assigned but will be rounded to the nearest whole number.  Add additional columns with the + icon, use the trash can to delete.  


9. Enter a description for each cell.  Click on the cell, enter description, click outside of the cell to finish.  

Cell description

10. When complete, click the Save button at the bottom right of the Rubric Manager.

11.  Your newly created rubric will appear in the list within the Rubric/Form Library.

12.  Import, Export, or Share the rubric by selecting the arrow icon in the top right.


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