The polling feature allows you to create single-choice or multiple choice polling questions.  Only licensed users can add polls to meetings.  Create 25 different polls with 10 polling questions per poll for each per meeting.  See Polling for Meetings for more information.

1. Log into your Zoom Dashboard.  Be sure Meeting Polls is enabled in Settings options.  (Settings, In Meeting - Basic)

Meeting polls

2. Go to Meetings tab and Schedule a New Meeting or Edit a saved Meeting.  At the bottom of the screen, select Add. 

Add Polls

3. Begin adding Poll questions.  Enter title and the first question.  Anonymous (optional) - will keep the participants polling information anonymous.  Select Single or Multiple choice questions.  Add up to 10 different questions.   Save when complete.  

4.  Once Saved, Polling information will be displayed on the schedule screen.  Edit, Delete, or Add Polls.

Polling info

5. Launching a poll.  When polls are added prior to a meeting, the poll option will be available at the bottom of the Zoom screen.  Click Poll to view.  Note:  Hosts or co-hosts can launch polls.  

6.  Select Launch Polling to begin the poll.  The participants will be prompted to answer the polling questions.  

7. The host will be able to see the results live.   Select End Poll when complete. 

Polling progress

8. Select Share Results to share with the participants.  Choose Re-Launch to restart the poll and to view the full report for the poll, select Download.  

Share results

9. Download poll report after the meeting. 

  • In the Zoom Dashboard, select Reports.  

  • In Usage Reports, select Meeting.

  • Next to Report type, select Poll Report.  

  • Search by Time Range, select Search.

  • Click Generate.  

  • Find the correct Poll report, select Download.  

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