Zoom has a variety of options for creating closed captioning during a meeting or a transcription to share after the meeting.  

1. Go to Settings in your Zoom Dashboard, In-Meeting (Advanced), and find Closed Captioning.  By default this feature is enabled.  Check the options that will best fit your meeting.  Note:  Recommend checking Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in meeting.

Closed captioning settings

2. With both features above checked, you can start a meeting and see the Live Transcript icon in the bottom toolbar.  When selected, a dialog box will appear.  Note:  If Closed Caption appears you did not check the Enable live transcription service in Settings.  

3. Assign a participant to type.  Opens the participant's panel to hover over a participants name and click More then Assign to type Closed Caption.

Assign to type close caption

4. I will type.  Opens the closed-captioning window to manually type closed captions.

I will type

5. Copy the API token.  Copy the URL  and paste to a third party CC service.

6. Enable Auto-Transcription.  Most used method to provide live transcription during a meeting.  When selected, participants will be notified the service is available.  When enabled, a box will appear at the bottom of screen with every spoken word during the meeting.  Note:  Live transcriptions will not be perfect.  Some words can be misinterpreted by Zoom.  

Live transcription

7. Transcription options.  Select the up-arrow next the Live Transcription to view more options.  

  • Hide Subtitle

  • View Full Transcript:  will open a side panel with the full transcript of the meeting.  Transcripts can be saved in a text document to your computer.  


  • Subtitle Settings:  Select Subtitle Settings to change the size of the font.

Subtitle settings

10. Participants will click the Closed Caption icon at the bottom of the screen to enable closed captioning.

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